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Recent Developments in the Synthesis of Heterocycle-Fused Isoindoles

[ Vol. 16 , Issue. 8 ]


Ferenc Csende, Ferenc Miklos and Geza Stajer   Pages 1005 - 1050 ( 46 )


The present work contains a comprehensive overview of methods published in the period 2005-2011 for the preparation of polyheterocycles containing isoindole-fused ring(s). New synthetic routes are described for the construction of heterocycle-condensed isoindole derivatives with regard to the ring positions and types of these annelated ring systems.


Isoindole-fused heterocycles, Isoindole ring containing natural compounds, New isoindole syntheses between 2005-2011, pyridoisoindoles.


Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Szeged, H-6720 Szeged, E├Âtvos u. 6, Hungary.

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