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Calix[n]arenes in Action: Useful Host-Guest Catalysis in Organic Chemistry

[ Vol. 16 , Issue. 8 ]


Juliana B. Simoes, Daniel L. da Silva, Angelo de Fatima and Sergio A. Fernandes   Pages 949 - 971 ( 23 )


The advent of host-guest catalysis brought about the prospect of a complementary mode of catalysis, with the potential for savings in cost, time and energy, easier experimental procedures, and reductions in chemical waste. Water-soluble calix[n]arene catalytic systems provide additional options in biphasic catalysis for organic chemistry and process engineering. The use of calix[n]arene as hostguest catalysis developed in recent years has shown promising results since calix[n]arenes have been widely used as three-dimensional molecular platforms for the design of artificial molecular receptors, due to the availability of cheap starting materials and the facile modification of the calix[n]arene structure at the wide and narrow rims.


Calix[n]arenes, host-guest catalysis, phase-transfer catalysis, inverse phase-transfer catalysis, calix[n]arenes inherently chiral.


Grupo de Química Supramolecular e Biomimética (GQSB), Departamento de Química, CCE, Universidade Federal de Vicosa, Vicosa, MG, Brazil.

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