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Synthesis and Utilization of the Bis( > P(O)CH2)amine Derivatives Obtained by the Double Kabachnik–Fields Reaction with Cyclohexylamine; Quantum Chemical and X-Ray Study of the Related Bidentate Chelate Platinum Complexes

[ Vol. 16 , Issue. 4 ]


Erika Bálint, Eszter Fazekas, György Pintér, Aron Szollosy, Tamás Holczbauer, Mátyás Czugler, László Drahos, Tamás Körtvélyesi and György Keglevich   Pages 547 - 554 ( 8 )


The microwave-assisted double Kabachnik–Fields (phospha-Mannich) reaction of cyclohexylamine, two equivalents of paraformaldehyde and > P(O)H species, such as dialkyl phosphites, ethyl phenyl-H-phosphinate and diphenylphosphine oxide affords the title compounds in good yields. The bis(diphenylphosphinoxido) derivative was converted to the corresponding bidentate chelate platinum complex in two steps, whose stereostructure was elucidated by quantum chemical calculations. The crystal structure of the bidentate chelate complex was studied by X-ray analysis.


Kabachnik-Fields reaction, N-bis(phosphorylmethyl)amine derivatives, bidentate chelate platinum complex, stereostructure, X-ray crystallography, quantum chemical calculations, α-Aminophosphonates, bioactive substrates, microwave (MW) technique, MW conditions, ethyl phenyl-H-phosphinate, P-component, NMR Features, Bidentate Chelate Pt-Complexes, Ring Platinum Complex


Department of Organic Chemistry and Technology, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, H-1521 Budapest, Hungary

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