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Epoxide Hydrolases and their Application in Organic Synthesis

[ Vol. 16 , Issue. 4 ]


Michael Kotik, Alain Archelas and Roland Wohlgemuth   Pages 451 - 482 ( 32 )


The number of synthetic applications of epoxide hydrolases in organic chemistry has reached a remarkable level. This has been due to a tremendous amount of work dedicated to the discovery of novel epoxide hydrolases from various biological sources, understanding the structure and function of these widespread enzymes and last but not least, the stabilization of these biocatalysts by various means for production purposes.


Oxiranes, Enantioselectivity, Enantioconvergence, Kinetic Resolution, Desymmetrization, Asymmetric Synthesis, Biotransformation, Biocatalysis, Vicinal Diol, Chiral Synthon, Building Block, Epoxide hydrolases (EHs), chlorohydrins, epoxides, Aspergillus niger Gbcf 79


Research Specialties, Sigma-Aldrich, Industriestrasse 25, CH-9470 Buchs, Switzerland.

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