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Alcoholysis of Dialkyl Phosphites Under Microwave Conditions

[ Vol. 17 , Issue. 5 ]


Erika Balint, Adam Tajti, Laszlo Drahos, Gheorge Ilia and Gyorgy Keglevich   Pages 555 - 562 ( 8 )


Depending on the conditions, the alcoholysis of simple dialkyl phosphites [(RO)2P(O)H] under microwave conditions may result in the formation of mixed derivative [(RO)(R’O)P(O)H] and the fully transesterified species [(R'O)2P(O)H] in different ratios. On one hand, this may be a method of choice for the preparation of less common dialkyl phosphites with alkyl chains of higher carbon atom number, on the other hand, the mixed derivatives are valuable building-blocks due to the chiral phosphorus atom. The thermal accomplishments led, in most cases, to uncomplete conversions.


Dialkyl phosphite, Dialkyl H-phosphonate, Alcoholysis, Transesterification, Microwave


Department of Organic Chemical Technology, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, 1521 Budapest, Hungary.

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