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Recently Applications of tert-butyl Nitrite in Organic Synthesis-Part I

[ Vol. 22 , Issue. 11 ]


Nader Ghaffari Khaligh*   Pages 1120 - 1138 ( 19 )


This mini-review will describe the recent applications of tert–butyl nitrite (TBN) in organic synthesis. Due to its unique structural feature and wide application, TBN holds a prominent and great potential in organic synthesis. Since the applications of TBN is too wide and developments have been too fast, Part-I of the present mini-review has surveyed the studies carried out to date in three areas viz. aerobic oxidation, annulation, and diazotization, which is demonstrated by the work outlined in this mini-review. The mechanisms of these transformations will be briefly described in this mini-review. TBN has been utilized in other organic transformations, such as nitrogenation, nitrification, nitrosylation, multifunctionalization, nitrodecarbocyclization, nitro-aminoxylation and etc. which will be presented as part- II in mid-2018.


tert-Butyl nitrite, organic synthesis, aerobic oxidation, annulation, diazotization, mechanism.


Professor Reza Research Institute. Education Guilan, Rasht, District 1, 41569 17139

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