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Polypeptide-matrix Synthesis and Quantum-chemical Models of Molecular Structures of 3d-metal Macro Heterocyclic Compounds

[ Vol. 21 , Issue. 21 ]


Oleg V. Mikhailov*   Pages 2135 - 2156 ( 22 )


Background: Processes of synthesis of metal macro heterocyclic compounds containing various 3d-elements and proceeding in polypeptide matrix in the systems M(II) ion - (N,S)- or (N,O,S)-containing organic compound - organic compound having one or two (C=O) groups, were presented and analyzed.

Objective: The composition of the products formed as a result of such a synthetic method, were collected with the composition of the products formed by similar processes in solutions. It has been noted that rather often, the compositions of these substances differ substantially.

Method: The synthesis of macrocyclic compounds containing various 3d-elements by using specific organizing systems, namely gelatin-immobilized matrix, and quantum-chemical modelling of their molecular structures.

Results: The data of nature, compositions and structural peculiarities of metal macro heterocyclic compounds with three or four articulated heterocycles containing 3d-element atom, nitrogen, sulfur and oxygen atoms.

Conclusion: Specific features of DFT calculated molecular structures of the metal macro heterocyclic compounds that can be formed owing to such a synthesis in the systems indicated above, have been discussed, too. The review covers the period 1990-2016.


Metal macro heterocyclic compound, synthesis, polypeptide, gelatin, molecular structure, DFT calculation.


Department of Analytical Chemistry, Kazan National Research Technological University, K. Marx Street 68, 420015 Kazan

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