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Platinum(II) Complexes Incorporating Racemic and Optically Active 1-Aryl-3- phospholene P-Ligands as Potential Catalysts in Hydroformylation

[ Vol. 18 , Issue. 12 ]


Peter Bagi, Tibor Szilvasi, Peter Pongracz, Laszlo Kollar, Laszlo Drahos and Gyorgy Keglevich   Pages 1529 - 1538 ( 10 )


Three 1-aryl-3-methyl-3-phospholene 1-oxides were prepared in optically active form by resolution with TADDOLderivatives, that, together with the racemic forms, were converted to the corresponding phosphine-borane adducts and cisbis( phospholeno)-dichloroplatinum complexes after deoxygenation by trichlorosilane. The stereostructures of the Pt-complexes were evaluated by high level quantum chemical calculations. By adding SnCl2 cocatalyst, the complexes were tested as in situ catalysts in the hydroformylation of styrene. The activity of the new Pt-complexes was, in most cases higher, than that of the analogues described earlier.


3-Phospholene oxide, catalyst precursor, deoxygenation, hydroformylation, optical resolution, P-ligand, phosphine-boranes, platinum complexes, stereostructure, theoretical calculations.


Department of Organic Chemistry and Technology, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, 1521 Budapest, Hungary.

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