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Solid-supported Reagents in Organic Synthesis Using Microwave Irradiation

[ Vol. 17 , Issue. 5 ]


Majid, M. Heravi and Setareh Moghimi   Pages 504 - 527 ( 24 )


According to the concept of green chemistry, energy requirements of chemical processes should be minimized. Microwaveassisted synthesis has provided significant energy saving for the chemical transformations in comparison with conventional oil-bath heating. Reusability, stability and ease of handling are the significant points of solid-supported reagents, which make them an interesting field for an organic chemist. The combination of microwave (MW) irradiation with solid-supported reagent becomes an interesting and popular theme in synthetic organic chemistry. In this paper, we wish to review the recent applications of this important technique in the synthesis of organic compounds with the hope to increase awareness of using this combination among organic chemists. We have also highlighted the advantages and compared them with previously reported methods in order to show the importance and merits of this protocol.


Microwave irradiation, Oil-bath heating, Organic synthesis, Polymer-bound reagents, Solid-supported reagent


Department of Chemistry, School of Science, Alzahra University, PO Box 1993891176, Vanak, Tehran, Iran.

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