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Synthesis, Structure and Applications of Hypervalent Organoantimony Compounds Having Intramolecular E→Sb (E = N, O, S) Coordinations

[ Vol. 16 , Issue. 20 ]


Nianyuan Tan, Yi Chen, Shuangfeng Yin, Renhua Qiu, Yongbo Zhou and C. T. Au   Pages 2462 - 2481 ( 20 )


The review article covers the hypervalent organoantimony compounds that are with intramolecular N, O, S→Sb coordinations synthesized in the past 20 years. We describe their structures and the related coordination chemistry, highlighting a number of hypervalent stibines. These compounds have shown many applications in organic synthesis. They are useful reagents for reactions such as crosscoupling and arylation with organic halides, and addition with carbonyl compounds. They can be used as Lewis acid catalysts in organic synthesis. Furthermore, they can be utilized as catalysts or reagents for CO2 chemical fixation. It is envisaged that more hypervalent organoantimony compounds of novel structure will be synthesized and find new applications in the near future.


Organoantimony, Hypervalent compounds, Intramolecular coordination, Organic synthesis, Structure, Reagent, Catalyst, dimethylaminopiridine, triarylstibines, aromatic substituent, (N, N-dimethylamino)ethylferrocene.


College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Hunan University, Changsha 410082, PR China.

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